History of Gonad

Gonad, Cat of the Gods, has a rich and interesting history. He wandered into our neigborhood in Loveland, Colorado one day, thin and gaunt. We took pity on him and started feeding him leftovers that our other cat, Fluffy wouldn't eat.

Gonad began to make himself at home. He would sleep on the garage door when it was open. When Matt came to visit, we would play with him and try to be nice to him. We named him and checked to see if he could hear, since one ear was all warped, and he didn't respond to noises often.

Winter came, and with it our increased pity of such a cold, defenseless cat. We let him sleep inside for the first time. This started a long war with Fluffy that still goes on to this day. This was when we just decided to give up and officially adopt Gonad. We got him neutered .

When I came to school, we moved a few blocks away. Gonad had a much easier time of it than Fluffy, who ran back to the old house every night. Mom made it a ritual of driving to the old house every evening and taking Fluffy back home. At this new house, Gonad began to gain some serious weight. When I come home, I try to make him exercise it off, but he still does nothing but eat and sleep.

Now Gonad is a happy, healthy, huge cat. He runs to greet Mom when he hears her car come home from work, and sleeps with her at night, putting her to sleep with his unusually loud but comforting purring. Every year at Christmas, he dons antlers and becomes Rein-Cat, entertaining us all with his antics. Doglike in affection and loyalty, but catlike in, uh, sound, he is a valuable companion and a trusted friend.