Errors and Possible Errors in The Literature of California, Volume 1, first printing

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Confidence: (highest to lowest)
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! Unconfirmed, but 95% sure of fix
? Unconfirmed, not sure of fix, might not be a problem
?? Unconfirmed, less chance it is a problem

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Page/Par/Line Problem Solution/Explanation Confidence
Introduction to Part 1
19/4/1 We included several Coyote stories {The anthology contains exactly one Coyote story, ``Coyote Cooks His Daughter''.} ??
The Soul's Journey to Similaqsa (Chumash)
64/1/13 Maria heard that... {Maria is not identified on first mention, but identified on second mention. Probably should be other way around.} ?
65/2/3 Maria [the teller] knows...
Introduction to Part 2
74/4/9 Sierra Nevada (1872 ) Sierra Nevada (1872) !!
Jedidiah Smith, "The Trapper and the Padre"
102/0/8 principally of meats, and an abundance principally of meats. and an abundance {Period instead of comma -- honest!} !!
Richard Henry Dana, "Haole and Kanaka"
108/1/12 for a carpet; stopped up for a carpet, stopped up !!
109/6/1-2 then Kanaka work plenty:'' then Kanaka work plenty.'' !!
110/1/12 in solitary grandeur; eating and sleeping alone, (and in solitary grandeur, eating and sleeping alone (and !!
111/1/4 ``I'll be good friends with you''; ``I'll be good friends with you,'' !!
Lansford Hastings, Emigrant's Guide
121/1/4 some conception, of which, some conception of which, !!
Edwin Bryant, "The California Battalion"
132/0/12 manzanita, (in bloom), manzanita, (in bloom,) !!
Bayard Taylor, "San Francisco..."
142/1/10 Fresh beef, bread, potatoes. and Fresh beef, bread, potatoes, and !!
147/1/8 racking labor on hand. racking labor on land. !!
[Dame Shirley], "A Trip into the Mines"
149/0/3 the coup d`oeuil the coup d'oeil !!
149/1/12 ''mica,'' ``mica,'' !!
T'tcetsa, "Lucy's Story"
175/7/7 ``Tomorrow, 'other white man ``Tomorrow, 'nother white man !!
175/12/3 cause think `bout cause think 'bout !!
176/2/1 there. Next. morning there. Next morning !!
Clarence King, "Mount Shasta"
The word cañon is intermittently italicized. In the original, it is never italicized. Example occurrence: 184/2/4. !!
185/0/5 with the impression of the mountain with the impression of the mountain
{italic in original}
189/3/4 the first débris slopes the first débris slopes
{italic in original}
Mark Twain, "The Celebrated..."
207/3/11 and take ary side and take any side !!
Bret Harte, "The Outcasts..."
216/2/3 ``likely it`s me.'' ``likely it's me.'' !!
224/5/3 can you pray ?`` can you pray?'' !!
Helen Hunt Jackson, from Ramona
270/1/8 verdure and bloom,--- myriads verdure and bloom,---myriads
{no space after dash}
Josiah Royce, from California: ...
282/2/3 on the whole, there was struggle; on the whole, there was no struggle; !!
282/2/4 on the whole there was no order. on the whole, there was no order. !!
283/0/7 who happened to be intent gambled, who happened to be present gambled, !!
283/0/12 can be judged by read-the conflicting can be judged by reading the conflicting !!
283/1/11 and do a work as he may, and do a man's work as he may, !!
285/0/2 time should come far showing true manhood, time should come for showing true manhood, !!
285/0/10 very accidents of the majesty very accidents of daily life, the majesty !!
Mary Hallock Foote, "How the Pump Stopped..."
291/7/3 `Tis all as still 'Tis all as still !!
292/2/1 `Tis all nothin' `` 'Tis all nothin' !!
John Muir, from The Mountains of California
301/2/5 Every gravel-and boulder-bed Every gravel- and boulder-bed
{add space after hyphen}
301/2/6 shovel, once, wielded shovel, once wielded !!
302/1/7 the best shade-frees, the best shade-trees, !!
302/1/7 with drooping wings and hills with drooping wings and bills !!
302/1/17 withered wisps of bay, withered wisps of hay, !!
303/1/3 of tremendous depth end of tremendous depth and !!
Gertrude Atherton, from The Californians
312/6/1 ``What---what---`` ``What---what---'' !!
312/8/1 What possessed you---`` What possessed you---'' !!
312/9/2 she said coaxingly . she said coaxingly. !!
313/12/2 'Léna, we`re going down Fourth 'Léna, we're going down Fourth !!
316/3/1 ``Git on! Git on !'' ``Git on! Git on!'' !!
[Sui Sin Far], from Mrs. Spring Fragrance
321/0/13 lines. ``The Land of the Free'' is lines. ``In the Land of the Free'' is

{The name of the story is ``In the Land of the Free.''
Note also that the header before the story is simply ``From Mrs. Spring Fragrance''. It should probably read ``In the Land of the Free'', the story title, by analogy with every other named story in the anthology.}

322/14/1 returned Horn Hing. returned Hom Hing.
{HoM, not HoRN}
322/20/1 exclaimed Horn Hing. exclaimed Hom Hing. !!
322/22/1 Hing,'' he is my son. Hing, ``he is my son.'' !!
323/2/1 reiterated Horn Hing, reiterated Hom Hing, !!
323/2/11 and my son was my son. and my son was my son.'' !!
Yone Noguchi, "Some Stories of My Western Life", etc.
332/3/11 Prof. G------I got a job Prof. G------ I got a job {note space after dash} !!
334/1/1 or if he had as any, or if he had any, !!
334/1/2 without the understanding it of which without the understanding of which !!
334/5/9 experience a `tramp life'' experience a ``tramp life'' !!
334/5/11-13 the perfect freedom, the having April when I started on my lone pilgrimage (with a book of poems all airs and flowers on equal terms, was brighter. It was the month of instead of a holy staff) the perfect freedom, the having all airs and flowers on equal terms, was brighter. It was the month of April when I started on my lone pilgrimage (with a book of poems instead of a holy staff) !!
338//9 gray haired hill, in sober--- gray haired hill, in sober- !!
Charles Fletcher Lummis, ``Walking to Los Angeles''
343/4/2 blunder the Union ever blunder the Union ever
{It is a trade union, not a rival paper. Other occurrences have no italics.}
343/6/2 things---n printing and newspapering things---in printing and newspapering !
345/2/1 acres fir only for grain acres fit only for grain !
345/3/11 world [Del Coronado] took world [Del Coronado], took ?
L. Frank Baum, from Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
348/9/1 ``Canary-birds ?'' ``Canary-birds?'' !
349/3/1 ``Gid-dap !'' ``Gid-dap!'' !
349/21/1 ``What is your name ?'' ``What is your name?'' !
Jack London, from Martin Eden
357/5/9 lie had stayed with it! He had stayed with it! !!
359/14/2 In the, middle of the bridge, In the middle of the bridge, !!
360/0/8 his hand warningly:---``They his hand warningly:--- {PARAGRAPH BREAK} ``They !!
361/1/2 hit me with 'em !'' hit me with 'em!'' !!
361/10/1 with his left hard only, with his left hand only, !!
361/10/2 as from a remote, distance as from a remote distance !!
362/3/6 shouting :---``I licked shouting:--- {PARAGRAPH BREAK} ``I licked !!
363/4/2 Savve?---you will, will you? Savve?---you will, will you?'' !!
363/11/2 that reach? ``It'll make that reach? It'll make !!
368/3/5 He sat in around the deck He walked around the deck !!
368/3/6 then his chair until he then sat in his chair until he !!
369/0/12 slowly aloud--- slowly aloud:--- !!
Frank Norris, from The Octopus
372/1/1 upon the Country Road. upon the County Road. !!
381/1/7 blinded with the agony in his eves, blinded with the agony in his eyes, !!
Mary Austin, from The Land of Little Rain
388/2/1 to drive eighteen and twenty-mule to drive eighteen- and twenty-mule !!
Introduction to Part 4
395/1/10 Amy Semple McPherson Aimee Semple McPherson !!
395/2/2 A handful of major works endures, A handful of major works endure, ??
400/0/5 international avante-garde international avant-garde ?
401/3/4 Amy Semple McPherson Aimee Semple McPherson !!
Jaime de Angulo, from Indians in Overalls
416/0/7 People often do that, you know.... People often do that, you know....'' !!
416/2/4 says the Fox.'' says the Fox. !!
416/3/16 said the Coyote.'' said the Coyote. !!
417/19/1 ``Shh! ... Doc. For God's sake ``Shh! ... Doc! For God's sake !!
417/19/2 She is probable somewhere She is probably somewhere !!
417/23/1 ``Well, she's take my shadow ``Well, she'll take my shadow !!
418/3/3 ...that's what I've heard. ...that's what I've heard.'' !!
418/9/3 that's not the same thing dalilamdzi, that's not the same thing as dalilamdzi, !!
419/0/3 tells it gestures, mimicry, tells it with gestures, mimicry, !!
421/4/2 with quondam sister-in-law, with his quondam sister-in-law, !!
Dashiell Hammett, from The Maltese Falcon
430/6/4 ``Oh. yes, of course you saw ``Oh, yes, of course you saw !!
432/17/1 till the curtain-bell rang. till the curtain-bell rang.'' !!
433/12/3 hurt, bewildered look ``Surely you're not hurt, bewildered look. ``Surely you're not !!
435/7/1 sharply, ``Who is she?' sharply, ``Who is she?'' !!
435/13/2 pretending to love me gave me---`` pretending to love me gave me---'' !!
Wallace Thurman, from The Blacker the Berry
440/7/1 ``Here we are,'' she shouted and releasing ``Here we are,'' she shouted, and releasing !!
Yvor Winters, "The Slow Pacific Swell"
448//25 Of distance water in unbroken Of distant water in unbroken !!
James M. Cain, from The Postman Always Rings Twice
453/1/2-3 poolroom, and begun playing him poolroom, and began playing him !!
457/11/1-2 I thought we could raise it to get started with, but then I lost it. I thought we could use it to get started with, but then I lost it.'' !!
458/6/1 a red kimono, as pale milk, staring at me, a red kimono, as pale as milk, staring at me, !!
William Saroyan, from Quarter, Half, Three-Quarter and Whole Notes
465/3/3-4 in the landscape the new grass, the new in the landscape: the new grass, the new !!
469/3/3 and this wholeness been not be purely and this wholeness need not be purely !!
Horace McCoy, from They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
474/3/3 and hate a bunch of people... and hate a bunch of people....'' !!
474/7/1 ``...I like it,'' ...``I like it,'' !!
475/5/1 stopped, not saving anything, stopped, not saying anything, !!
476/2-3 trying not to laugh. {PARAGRAPH BREAK} ``Haven't you got trying not to laugh.... ``Haven't you got
{That is, replace paragraph break with 4-dot ellipsis}
478/4/1 But I knew what he mean. But I knew what he meant. !!
478/9/1 `''What does he know ``What does he know !!
George R. Stewart, from Ordeal by Hunger
486/4/2 and the horses amid push on for life. and the horses and push on for life. !!
488/1/9 which they though to be two or which they thought to be two or !!
John Steinbeck, from The Grapes of Wrath
492/7/1 ``Ma smiled with amusement. Ma smiled with amusement. !!
493/3/5 potatoes 'fore we boil `em. I wonder potatoes 'fore we boil 'em. I wonder !!
493/8/1 Pa,'' Tom said. ''Noah ain't a-goin'. Pa,'' Tom said. ``Noah ain't a-goin'. !!
493/18/1 ``But you ain't got nothing'' ``But you ain't got nothing.'' !!
495/2/5 an' them folks standin' there an me a-singin'. an' them folks standin' there an' me a-singin'. !!
496/2/1 said Pa. `` `We ain't left it all. said Pa. ``We ain't left it all. !!
496/4/3 ``If you don' get `em, somebody else ``If you don' get 'em, somebody else !!
497/6/2 ``You know', they don't have ``You know, they don't have !!
498/4/1 Winfleld said, ``Pa, I wanta Winfield said, ``Pa, I wanta !!
500/1/3 jus' et too much.' Uncle John put his hand jus' et too much.' '' Uncle John put his hand !!
500/4/4 I couldn' stand `em!'' I couldn' stand 'em!'' !!
500/5/2 I oughta go away an' let `em be. I ain't I oughta go away an' let 'em be. I ain't !!
503/7/2 down the back board Tom looked at her. down the back board. Tom looked at her. !!
Carey McWilliams, from Factories in the Field
507/1/4 however, is to he found in however, is to be found in !!
508/3/2 They had, example, conducted two sensational They had, for example, conducted two sensational !!
508/3/6 to maintain a headquarters, distribute literature, and to maintain a headquarters, to distribute literature, and !!
509/2/4 Many ``job strikes'' called and, frequently, Many ``job strikes'' were called and, frequently, !!
510/0/1 propaganda the militancy of their free-speech fights, propaganda and the militancy of their free-speech fights, !!
513/2/1-2 an incident occurred, which for the first time, an incident occurred which, for the first time, !!
515/0/2 through the winter. Witness after through the winter.'' Witness after !!
515/0/13 1916, when the demand for labor increasing, 1916, when, the demand for labor increasing, !!
John Fante, from Ask the Dust
525/1/8 ``Here, `` she offered. ``A cool drink.'' ``Here,'' she offered. ``A cool drink.'' !!
526/2/3 You must take a nap. Maybe that You must take a nap.'' Maybe that !!
530/1/5 against a stone bench. Suddenly I felt against a stone bench. {PARAGRAPH BREAK} Suddenly I felt !!
530/2/1 into the sand, I looked at into the sand. I looked at !!
Raymond Chandler, from The Big Sleep
539/4/11 Respectfully, A. C. Geiger.'' Respectfully, A. G. Geiger.'' !!
540/11/1 own right, General ?`` own right, General?'' !!
541/2/1 Mr. Marlowe. ``What are Mr. Marlowe. What are !!
541/4/2 You realize that. I hope. You realize that, I hope. !!
Nathanael West, from The Day of the Locust
548/7/5 backwards in a long backwards in a long, curving swoop. backwards in a long, curving swoop. !!
F. Scott Fitzgerald, from The Love of the Last Tycoon
557/11/1 some evenings for you. some evenings for you.'' !!
557/16/1 When do you back to college?'' When do you go back to college?'' !!
558/6/1 and Robby arrived, clusters of lights had a picked out and Robby arrived clusters of lights had already picked out !!
558/7/1 out of Thirty-Sixth Street, said Robby out of Thirty-sixth Street,'' said Robby !!
558/10/1 sudden bogs, they made their to the bank sudden bogs they made their way to the bank !!
558/10/2 the women, looking a little the women looking a little !!
560/2/11 paresis like------; paresis like ------; {note space before dash} !!
M. F. K. Fisher, "The First Oyster"
568/0/2 strawberry syrup on chocolate ice-cream-with-butter-scotch-sauce. strawberry syrup on chocolate-icecream-with-butter-scotch-sauce. !!
568/1/7 degrees, turned out rare bats into degrees, turned our rare bats into !!
568/4/2 think at all of those day's, were the hot think at all of those days, were the hot !!
572/9/4 delight, not at what Miss I Huntingdon was saying delight, not at what Miss Huntingdon was saying !!
574/1/3 artificial mocking bird. Filipino boys skimmed ... into the candlelight, {This is a bowdlerization -- one of two bowdlerizations in this essay. The complete text is as follows:}
artificial mocking bird. A flock of little Filipino boys skimmed like monkeys into the candlelight,
{The problem is that the first of the textual omissions has not been signaled with an ellipsis. The passage should read:}
artificial mocking bird. ... Filipino boys skimmed ... into the candlelight,
{although I would prefer the unbowdlerized version.}
Idwal Jones, from The Vineyard
575/1/9 the vat room.[...] the vat room. [...]
{Note: Elsewhere in the anthology, added ellipses don't have brackets, so this is a bit weird. But at least put a space before the open bracket.}
Toshio Mori, ``He Who Has the Laughing Face''
590/2/9 Sunday is the day any one may possibly be Sunday is the day anyone may possibly be !!
590/2/10 I believe he was a grocer I believed he was a grocer !!
591/6/2 not rich and I do not travel not rich and I do not travel.''
{This is definitely a typo: there should be quotes here, as the sense of the passage makes clear. However, the original contains the same typo.}
Chester Himes, from If He Hollers Let Him Go
616/8/2 I said, ``Fine. Kelly, fine!'' I said, ``Fine, Kelly, fine!'' !!
616/9/1 when you learn how.'' he said. when you learn how,'' he said. !!
618/3/1 it came up in mouth, filling it came up in my mouth, filling !!

What is this? When I first moved to California (to ACIRI), I hung out as usual in bookstores; and looking to understand the place, found in Pegasus a used copy of The Literature of California, Volume 1: Native American Beginnings to 1945. I loved this book; the selections are broadly and superbly chosen, historically deep, and beautifully typeset. But damn, the typos! There seemed to be hundreds, many of them obvious optical-character-recognition errors; and the book's quality only made them feel worse.

So I wrote a disappointed/snotty email to the first editor, Jack Hicks, and another to the UC Press comment address. Hicks did not reply; Doug Wilcoxen at the UC Press did, asking me to send a list of issues that I "believe require correction". In a later message he expressed particular interest "in instances of typographic errors not present in the original sources which have appeared in our book." So in summer 2001 I read the entire anthology, marking by eye passages that seemed questionable; and in August-September, spent hours in the sunlit Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley (and the underground conventional library), looking through and touching original sources, sometimes dating back to the 1800s, and checking them against the anthology. It was intense and focused, but felt pure. This page was put on the Web and sent to Doug Wilcoxen on September 19, after I got back from Boston when flights out of Logan resumed. In May 2003 Jack Hicks wrote me, agreeing with most of the errata, and asked if I had used a computer program. No.

Honestly, I first added a link to this page to show off my stupid work. But I guess it's still up to remind me of a great book I read, of a summer in libraries, and of when I could donate time to a book not in my field and connected to me only through my appreciation. Good times.