HotCRP Conference Management Software

HotCRP is conference management software: it accepts paper submissions and manages the review process. Many conference management packages are available, including EasyChair. HotCRP is especially good at navigating from paper to paper, searching for papers, tagging papers, and managing complex submission and review policies.

HotCRP is open source and requires that you run your own web server. Software requirements: Nginx, PHP version 7.0 or higher, and MySQL version 5 or higher, plus several PHP packages. The README for the latest release has more.

HotCRP was written for the HotNets V workshop in 2006 (based initially on Dirk Grunwald’s CRP), and used thereafter for USENIX 2007, SIGCOMM 2007, SOSP 2007, and SOSP 2009, among many others. It is currently used for all USENIX conferences and many ACM SIGCOMM and SIGPLAN conferences.

If you want a hosted version of HotCRP (so you don’t have to run your own server), try HotCRP.com.

Source code (Github)

git clone https://github.com/kohler/hotcrp.git

Download hotcrp-3.0.0.tar.gz (released 14.Mar.2024)

Release News

Upgrading from an old version of HotCRP is easy. If you’re using git, just do git pull. If you originally installed from a tarball, then extract the new tarball over the old one. (Using GNU tar, try “cd HOTCRPDIR; tar --strip=1 -xf /tmp/hotcrp-VERSION.tar.gz”.)

+ Download old releasesDownload releases
hotcrp-3.0.0.tar.gz 14.Mar.2024 1983729 bytes SHA256 4cc2664677303a009e46fa60e06ee2c9e6d51192a2059af4b6d41aa60db9eb09
hotcrp-3.0b3.tar.gz 30.Aug.2022 1796617 bytes SHA256 a16458006eb50a599f0db69c2d3cc10c7703f6bbecd8f1cefbf9a3e69dd642c7
hotcrp-3.0b2.tar.gz 22.Aug.2022 1792096 bytes SHA256 a433ee28073dd22408ec84d4490db272ad653bee751835150214a6f2db53f07d
hotcrp-3.0b1.tar.gz 12.Nov.2020 1611326 bytes SHA256 f337ee4c00f5c9f0a36be5137dd39d753b3cdee69d723b2663923601e7ff31f7
hotcrp-2.102.tar.gz 9.Aug.2018 1571868 bytes SHA256 09be01f2e427cb7f424871c619925e19db03e058b6de4b7321960e31c5e31eaf
hotcrp-2.101.tar.gz 18.Oct.2017 1492098 bytes
hotcrp-2.100.tar.gz 15.Jun.2016 983522 bytes
hotcrp-2.99.tar.gz 21.Nov.2015 890531 bytes
hotcrp-2.98.tar.gz 19.Nov.2015 888011 bytes
hotcrp-2.97.tar.gz 28.Sep.2015 883685 bytes
hotcrp-2.96.tar.gz 24.Sep.2015 881366 bytes
hotcrp-2.95.tar.gz 19.Jun.2015 864717 bytes
hotcrp-2.94.tar.gz 15.Mar.2015 772817 bytes
hotcrp-2.93.tar.gz 2.Oct.2014 731672 bytes
hotcrp-2.92.tar.gz 13.May.2014 633220 bytes
hotcrp-2.91.tar.gz 1.May.2014 630684 bytes
hotcrp-2.90.tar.gz 25.Apr.2014 630360 bytes
hotcrp-2.61.tar.gz 14.Aug.2013 580971 bytes
hotcrp-2.60.tar.gz 19.Jul.2013 582218 bytes
hotcrp-2.59.tar.gz 14.Jun.2013 575593 bytes
hotcrp-2.58.tar.gz 23.Mar.2013 574156 bytes
hotcrp-2.57.tar.gz 16.Mar.2013 573655 bytes
hotcrp-2.56.tar.gz 29.Jan.2013 572142 bytes
hotcrp-2.55.tar.gz 31.Dec.2012 548380 bytes
hotcrp-2.53.tar.gz 26.Dec.2012 546888 bytes
hotcrp-2.52.tar.gz 23.Jul.2012 536402 bytes
hotcrp-2.51.tar.gz 22.Jun.2012 541567 bytes
hotcrp-2.50.tar.gz 11.May.2012 541082 bytes
hotcrp-2.49.tar.gz 29.Mar.2012 528137 bytes
hotcrp-2.48.tar.gz 28.Mar.2012 526690 bytes
hotcrp-2.47.tar.gz 14.Dec.2011 522475 bytes
hotcrp-2.46.tar.gz 5.Aug.2011 515529 bytes
hotcrp-2.45.tar.gz 24.Apr.2011 510587 bytes
hotcrp-2.44.tar.gz 8.Feb.2011 496014 bytes
hotcrp-2.43.tar.gz 3.Jan.2011 493359 bytes
hotcrp-2.42.tar.gz 2.Jan.2011 493149 bytes
hotcrp-2.41.tar.gz 13.Dec.2010 492792 bytes
hotcrp-2.40.tar.gz 30.Jul.2010 481941 bytes
hotcrp-2.39.tar.gz 20.May.2010 479410 bytes
hotcrp-2.38.tar.gz 27.Jan.2010 477877 bytes
hotcrp-2.37.tar.gz 19.Dec.2009 474159 bytes
hotcrp-2.36.tar.gz 17.Dec.2009 471686 bytes
hotcrp-2.35.tar.gz 7.Oct.2009 456927 bytes
hotcrp-2.34.tar.gz 21.Mar.2009 446899 bytes
hotcrp-2.33.tar.gz 15.Feb.2009 443094 bytes
hotcrp-2.32.tar.gz 15.Feb.2009 443067 bytes
hotcrp-2.31.tar.gz 26.Jan.2009 442422 bytes
hotcrp-2.30.tar.gz 7.Jan.2009 438635 bytes
hotcrp-2.29.tar.gz 1.Jan.2009 438296 bytes
hotcrp-2.28.tar.gz 20.Dec.2008 438207 bytes
hotcrp-2.27.tar.gz 16.Dec.2008 437990 bytes
hotcrp-2.26.tar.gz 27.Oct.2008 421965 bytes
hotcrp-2.25.tar.gz 22.Sep.2008 416134 bytes
hotcrp-2.24.tar.gz 22.Aug.2008 408755 bytes
hotcrp-2.23.tar.gz 22.Jul.2008 365666 bytes
hotcrp-2.22.tar.gz 15.Jul.2008 365695 bytes
hotcrp-2.21.tar.gz 11.May.2008 362439 bytes
hotcrp-2.20.tar.gz 11.May.2008 362933 bytes
hotcrp-2.19.tar.gz 6.May.2008 362395 bytes
hotcrp-2.18.tar.gz 5.May.2008 361569 bytes
hotcrp-2.17.tar.gz 23.Apr.2008 355392 bytes
hotcrp-2.16.tar.gz 21.Apr.2008 351750 bytes
hotcrp-2.15.tar.gz 9.Apr.2008 348128 bytes
hotcrp-2.14.tar.gz 12.Mar.2008 345382 bytes
hotcrp-2.13.tar.gz 22.Jan.2008 328407 bytes
hotcrp-2.12.tar.gz 30.Dec.2007 300022 bytes
hotcrp-2.11.tar.gz 27.Oct.2007 296059 bytes
hotcrp-2.10.tar.gz 24.Oct.2007 285747 bytes
hotcrp-2.9.tar.gz 20.Oct.2007 284897 bytes
hotcrp-2.8.tar.gz 11.Oct.2007 283024 bytes
hotcrp-2.7.tar.gz 23.Aug.2007 281563 bytes
hotcrp-2.6.tar.gz 20.Aug.2007 277113 bytes
hotcrp-2.5.tar.gz 12.Aug.2007 279000 bytes
hotcrp-2.4.tar.gz 12.Aug.2007 275233 bytes
hotcrp-2.3.tar.gz 16.Jul.2007 273569 bytes
hotcrp-2.2.tar.gz 11.Jul.2007 271822 bytes
hotcrp-2.1.tar.gz 10.Jul.2007 270920 bytes
hotcrp-2.0.tar.gz 9.Jul.2007 270799 bytes

If you plan to use HotCRP, “watch” the project on Github. Commit notifications will inform you of bug fixes and other updates.

FreeBSD port

Test site (Warning: This may be out of date, broken by other Interweb users, or corrupted by spam. Log in with “email” chair, pc, and/or author1, and password the same as the username.)

HotCRP Features

Pronunciation note. Greg Minshall pronounces CRP as “crap”, so I suppose you could pronounce HotCRP as “hotcrap”.

Use GitHub to send me patches, bugs and feature requests. — Eddie Kohler