my awesome threnody

By Anne


today in the elevator (there is a screen in the elevator that shows
bullshit), it told me the meaning of the word "threnody": a poem or
song of mourning for the dead. my first thought was "that's a nice
cheerful thing to come into work and see." then i tried to write a
threnody. my first line was:

  my mom is dead

because that's true. but then i couldn't think of a word that rhymes
with "dead", except for "head", which seemed kind of wrong (at first).
so i said
  and I am sad

but I could still only think of the word "head", so I gave in:

  so give me head
  or i'll be mad

It even has a happy tune!!!

My mom is dead,
And I am sad.
So give me head
Or I'll be mad!

Eddie Kohler