Colorado Sculpture Song

Written in Boulder During the Second Trip in As Many Weeks to Colorado for Anne's Wedding-Related Activities, August, 2004

Images from Regan's Guide to the Statues in Boulder, Colorado, with one from The Bear Den


[Girl on a Swing]

Cougars and bears!
Cougars and bronze bears!
Bronze cougars and bears!

Look over there!
More cougars and bronze bears!
Bronze cougars and bears!
      And eagles!

Girl on a swing!
Happily singing!
About cougars and bears!
      And eagles!

Frozen mid-gallop!
Jumping cougars and bears!
      And eagles!

Indian shaman!
Guided by cougars and bears!
      And eagles!

Majestic old elk!
Eating a skier!
Standing on cougars and bears!
      And eagles!

Holy shit!
It's an abstraction!
No, wrong -- it's cougars and bears!
      And cougars and bears!
      And cowboys and mules
      And boys and their dogs
      And cute little girls
      Devoured by wolves!
      And columbine, rocks,
      And eagles
      And cougars
      And bears!!

[Sax solo]




Eddie Kohler