Gonad, Cat from Hell

Gonad is a really really big cat. He weighs almost 20 pounds. He doesn't clean his butt. It's really gross. Sometimes we try to wash him but it's a pain so we don't. Gonad is my frined. Click here to find out how Gonad got his name. Click here to learn about Gonad's rich and interesting history.

Gonad update 3/20/97: We recently learned that poor little Gonad has diabetes. My poor mom has to give him an insulin shot every day for the rest of his Gonad life. To send Gonad a get well card, address it to:

Gonad the Cat
1126 Gard Place
Loveland, CO 80537

Another Gonad update 12/23/97: Thank you all for all your cards and letters! Gonad passed away in July (and I am a big, fat, lazy butt for taking so long to update the page, but I'm not at MIT anymore, and I don't log in too often, even though I cleverly swangled my way into having an account here for the rest of my natural life). Gonad did not die of diabetes; we also found out that he had lung cancer as well. Rest assured that he did not seem to be in too much pain. We had him put to sleep when he was too weak to jump up into the bathroom sink to drink from the faucet. Now he is in the big bathtub in the sky, with lots of french fries and pizza and people to love him.