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Great Granny Webster
Great Granny Webster Caroline Blackwood September 13, 2002 Berkeley
Randall Jarrell’s Book of Stories
Randall Jarrell’s Book of Stories edited by Randall Jarrell November 20, 2002 Berkeley
Corrigan Caroline Blackwood January 11, 2003 in a rental car, at a McDonalds off Route 93 in Massachusetts, at like 1am—heading up to see Sean
Mawrdew Czgowchwz
Mawrdew Czgowchwz James McCourt January 18, 2003 San Francisco Public Library, after the peace march with Rebecca, Todd, & R’s parents
A Way of Life, Like Any Other
A Way of Life, Like Any Other Darcy O’Brien January 19, 2003 Berkeley—before a freezing cold, hungry Crockett loop
Hindoo Holiday
Hindoo Holiday: An Indian Journal J. R. Ackerley February 28, 2003 Oakland, California—at MacArthur Bart, with my bike—on the way to Amoeba, to buy Ligeti Project III for the second time
In the Freud Archives
In the Freud Archives Janet Malcolm April 5, 2003 Chicago – Pittsburgh, finished on the 28X
A High Wind in Jamaica
A High Wind in Jamaica Richard Hughes April 13, 2003 Cambridge, Anne’s house, having missed the plane
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness Daniel Paul Schreber April 20, 2003 Easter Sunday, on the BX to Colma heading back from Seattle for an interview at UW
Letty Fox: Her Luck
Letty Fox: Her Luck Christina Stead October 10, 2003 San Francisco
The Vet’s Daughter
The Vet’s Daughter Barbara Comyns January 8, 2004 Los Angeles
The Towers of Trebizond
The Towers of Trebizond Rose Macaulay March 14, 2004 Berkeley, warm on the grass
Equal Danger
Equal Danger Leonardo Sciascia March 19, 2004 Los Angeles
Selected Stories
Selected Stories Robert Walser June 30, 2004 Los Angeles (book fair) → Berkeley → Washington DC → Boston → Cambridge
To Each His Own
To Each His Own Leonardo Sciascia July 1, 2004 Cambridge → Holliston → Mass MoCA, North Adams → Route 2, between Greenfield and Erving, on the way to the Old Mill, Westminster
The Pilgrim Hawk: A Love Story
The Pilgrim Hawk: A Love Story Glenway Wescott September 15, 2004 looked for everywhere, found at Duttons, read in one stretch, near the Bombshelter, then 4531C, UCLA
Apartment in Athens
Apartment in Athens Glenway Wescott December 31, 2004 Cambridge MA, 33 Richard Ave; stain from Carberry’s/O’Naturals—it leapt out of my hand onto my lap and Andrew’s
The Day of the Owl
The Day of the Owl Leonardo Sciascia January 1, 2005 over America (Boston → LA)
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams
A Sorrow Beyond Dreams Peter Handke March? 2005 Boston/Cambridge?
Monsieur Monde Vanishes
Monsieur Monde Vanishes Simenon May 3, 2005 over the country
Moravagine Blaise Cendrars May 2005 Berkeley?
The Diary of a Rapist
The Diary of a Rapist Evan S. Connell May 21, 2005 in San Francisco, Oakland & Berkeley—finished on BART; a gift from Carolyn & Dan; Margot is visiting
Cassandra at the Wedding
Cassandra at the Wedding Dorothy Baker June 9, 2005 Los Angeles
The Child
The Child Jules Vallès July 10, 2005 morning, Andrew’s house in Berkeley (1800 Blake St. Upper) after a visit to Big Basin the day before
Fancies and Goodnights
Fancies and Goodnights John Collier 2005? [stories read in spurts, maybe never finished]
Count d’Orgel’s Ball
Count d’Orgel’s Ball Raymond Radiguet January 5, 2006 Los Angeles
A Month in the Country
A Month in the Country J. L. Carr March 26, 2006 Berkeley
Chess Story
Chess Story Stefan Zweig July 10, 2006 Los Angeles
The Lord Chandos Letter
The Lord Chandos Letter and other writings Hugo von Hofmannsthal August 12, 2006 on the BART, Andrew’s moving day, behind two brothers – cute – blue eyes
English, August: An Indian Story
English, August: An Indian Story Upamanyu Chatterjee August 27, 2006 on CA Route 1 near Muir Beach with Andrew & Ellen
The Ten Thousand Things
The Ten Thousand Things Maria Dermoût August 28, 2006 Los Angeles
The Fierce and Beautiful World
The Fierce and Beautiful World Andrei Platonov September 14, 2006 Munich airport
We Always Treat Women Too Well
We Always Treat Women Too Well Raymond Queneau October 1, 2006 over California
What’s for Dinner?
What’s for Dinner? James Schuyler October 20, 2006 on BART [used copy]
Mr. Fortune’s Maggot
Mr. Fortune’s Maggot Sylvia Townsend Warner December 27, 2006 Natick, Mass, the Bakery on the Common
Memoirs of Hecate County
Memoirs of Hecate County Edmund Wilson December 29, 2006 except for the French (asshole)—Los Angeles
The Golovlyov Family
The Golovlyov Family Shchedrin January 2, 2007 Los Angeles
Lolly Willowes
Lolly Willowes Sylvia Townsend Warner January 24, 2007 over America [Washington → LA]
Kaputt Curzio Malaparte January 29, 2007 landing in Los Angeles
Alfred and Guinevere
Alfred and Guinevere James Schuyler February 11, 2007 Los Angeles, morning after a rain & a dinner with Dan & Dench
The Tenants of Moonbloom
The Tenants of Moonbloom Edward Lewis Wallant February 18, 2007 Los Angeles, with Andrew
Manservant and Maidservant
Manservant and Maidservant Ivy Compton-Burnett February 25, 2007 devoured in San Francisco
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner James Hogg March 5, 2007 red-eyed over America (Pittsburgh → Las Vegas)
Riders in the Chariot
Riders in the Chariot Patrick White March 29, 2007 Los Angeles, in the Hammer courtyard, devouring it, pissed off by its narrowness
A House and Its Head
A House and Its Head Ivy Compton-Burnett April 28, 2007 Los Angeles
The Slynx
The Slynx Tatyana Tolstaya May 12, 2007 Los Angeles – waiting for parents & Tales of Tinseltown
The Waste Books
The Waste Books Georg Christoph Lichtenberg May 27, 2007 Hayes Valley
Stoner John Williams June 1, 2007 Los Angeles
The Fox in the Attic
The Fox in the Attic Richard Hughes June 11, 2007 Los Angeles
The Dud Avocado
The Dud Avocado Elaine Dundy June 14, 2007 In the LA airport, read "Tyrolean Peasant, Bar Girl, or Dreaded Librarian" and laughed hard and honestly enough to shock the bear on my right and the hip couple across the aisle; finished before Baltimore
The Pure and The Impure
The Pure and The Impure Colette June 24, 2007 over the Atlantic, returning from Paris, between Dad and Andrew
Madame de Pompadour
Madame de Pompadour Nancy Mitford June 26, 2007 over America (Providence → Las Vegas), because of Paris
The Unknown Masterpiece
The Unknown Masterpiece Honoré de Balzac June 26, 2007 landing in Los Angeles, the worst city
Paris Stories
Paris Stories Mavis Gallant July 1, 2007 San Francisco, at Momi Tobys
Varieties of Exile
Varieties of Exile Mavis Gallant July 21, 2007 in bed in Los Angeles
The Book of Ebenezer Le Page
The Book of Ebenezer Le Page G. B. Edwards July 31, 2007 North Topsail Island, North Carolina, in the bedroom chez Johnsons
The Big Clock
The Big Clock Kenneth Fearing November 11, 2007 one morning in Los Angeles with Andrew
Sunflower Gyula Krúdy November 15, 2007 776 Capp, San Francisco
Born Under Saturn
Born Under Saturn
The Character and Conduct of Artists: A Documented History from Antiquity to the French Revolution
Margot & Rudolf Wittkower December 28, 2007 The Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Manitoba, for Tony's wedding
The New York Stories of Edith Wharton
The New York Stories of Edith Wharton January 4, 2008 Los Angeles
Novels in Three Lines
Novels in Three Lines Félix Fénéon February 7, 2008 Culver CityBus
Sheppard Lee, Written by Himself
Sheppard Lee, Written by Himself Robert Montgomery Bird February 7, 2008 Oakland Airport, in a plane
All About H. Hatterr
All About H. Hatterr G. V. Desani February 10, 2008 at Peets, in Westwood, impromptu
The Wine-Dark Sea
The Wine-Dark Sea Leonardo Sciascia February 21, 2008 over California
Jakob von Gunten
Jakob von Gunten Robert Walser February 25, 2008 Los Angeles
Sleepless Nights
Sleepless Nights Elizabeth Hardwick February 29, 2008 San Francisco, on BART with Andrew, going to the symphony
The Unpossessed
The Unpossessed Tess Slesinger March 9, 2008 night, Los Angeles
Memoirs of Montparnasse
Memoirs of Montparnasse John Glassco March 29, 2008 Au Coquelet, Berkeley
A Journey Round My Skull
A Journey Round My Skull Frigyes Karinthy March 31, 2008 devoured in San Francisco
The Stray Dog Cabaret
The Stray Dog Cabaret: A Book of Russian Poems translated by Paul Schmidt April 19, 2008 San Francisco
Envy Yuri Olesha May 13, 2008 on the Caltrain to Mountain View, a warm stunning morning
Afloat Guy de Maupassant May 18, 2008 776 Capp St, San Francisco, after Breathless
The Invention of Morel
The Invention of Morel Adolfo Bioy Casares May 21, 2008 on the Caltrain to Mountain View, a warm morning, a day after biking there
The Summer Book
The Summer Book Tove Jansson May 22, 2008 Mountain View, after a morning at the Stanford library, second reading, a year after getting it used at the Westwood public library
In Hazard
In Hazard Richard Hughes August 23, 2008 Los Angeles, in one sitting, ending after midnight
Love in a Fallen City
Love in a Fallen City Eileen Chang August 31, 2008 on the Provincetown ferry with Andrew
The Fountain Overflows
The Fountain Overflows Rebecca West September 17, 2008 in bed at 776 Capp, San Francisco
Don't Look Now
Don't Look Now Daphne du Maurier October 23, 2008 Spike's, San Francisco
My Father And Myself
My Father And Myself J. R. Ackerley November 16, 2008 Meraki, San Francisco
Rock Crystal
Rock Crystal Adalbert Stifter February 2009 San Francisco
Short Letter, Long Farewell
Short Letter, Long Farewell Peter Handke April 30, 2009 Blue Bottle, San Francisco, after dental delays, then lovely bookstore relaxation, olive oil shortbread, and espresso with whipped cream
The Foundation Pit
The Foundation Pit Andrey Platonov May 8, 2009 my apartment, in San Francisco, swept up by it, clunky, beautiful, terrible and alive
Chaos and Night
Chaos and Night Henry de Montherlant June 1, 2009 1 Uranus, in San Francisco
That Awful Mess on the Via Merulana
That Awful Mess on the Via Merulana Carlo Emilio Gadda June 8, 2009 on BART, in Berkeley; after a trip to Boston to visit my parents, and a dinner at Rebecca's; listening to Prokofiev symphonies. The book's not my favorite: too timid to be definite, timidity hiding behind words? But vocabulary expanding.
Poems of the Late T’ang
Poems of the Late T’ang translated and with an introduction by A. C. Graham June 23, 2009 on JetBlue, landing into Boston at night, to see my parents
The Complete Fiction
The Complete Fiction Francis Wyndham July 13, 2009 landing into Seattle, looking out on mackerel sky and Mount Rainier ghostly in blue-white light
Summer Will Show
Summer Will Show Sylvia Townsend Warner July 27, 2009 over America, heading to Boston, entranced
The Old Man and Me
The Old Man and Me Elaine Dundy August 3, 2009 Philadelphia, at Anne's with Anne and Oliver, utter cruel pleasure
Letters: Summer 1926
Letters: Summer 1926 Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetayeva, Rainer Maria Rilke September 15, 2009 San Francisco—Berkeley—Boston—San Francisco
The Haunted Looking Glass
The Haunted Looking Glass ghost stories chosen by Edward Gorey October 2, 2009 San Francisco
Niki: The Story of a Dog
Niki: The Story of a Dog Tibor Déry October 7, 2009 rapt, over California
The Cost of Living
The Cost of Living: Early and Uncollected Stories Mavis Gallant October 15, 2009 San Francisco
My Fantoms
My Fantoms Théophile Gautier December 20, 2009 Berkeley
The True Deceiver
The True Deceiver Tove Jansson December 26, 2009 in thrall, speeding over California
No Tomorrow
No Tomorrow Vivant Denon January 23, 2010 Berkeley, after a memorial service
A Meaningful Life
A Meaningful Life L. J. Davis January 26, 2010 Berkeley
White Walls
White Walls: Collected Stories Tatyana Tolstaya March 24, 2010 San Francisco—Berkeley—over America; seemed overheated, then “A Clean Sheet” tingled my spine
Skylark Dezső Kosztolányi March 26, 2010 Arlington, Virginia; early morning; !!!
Alien Hearts
Alien Hearts Guy de Maupassant April 24, 2010 Berkeley
Wish Her Safe At Home
Wish Her Safe At Home Stephen Benatar April 30, 2010 morning Transbay Bus
The Exploits and Adventures of Brigadier Gerard
The Exploits and Adventures of Brigadier Gerard Arthur Conan Doyle May 17, 2010 Berkeley
Clandestine in Chile
Clandestine in Chile: The Adventures of Miguel Littín Gabriel García Márquez July 16, 2010 Berkeley
The New York Stories of Elizabeth Hardwick
The New York Stories of Elizabeth Hardwick July 30, 2010 San Francisco
The Murderess
The Murderess Alexandros Papadiamantis August 15, 2010 West Hollywood, one sitting
Everything Flows
Everything Flows Vasily Grossman August 25, 2010 Holliston, after midnight, a rainy visit
The Queue
The Queue Vladimir Sorokin August 25, 2010 over America
The Jokers
The Jokers Albert Cossery October 3, 2010 Vancouver Canada Line
The Colour Out of Space
The Colour Out of Space: Tales of Cosmic Horror selected by D. Thin October 26, 2010 West Hollywood
The World As I Found It
The World As I Found It Bruce Duffy November 16, 2010 West Hollywood, just before midnight, turning page after page
The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes
The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes translated by W. S. Merwin December 7, 2010 West Hollywood
After Claude
After Claude Iris Owens January 25, 2011 Blech. West Hollywood
The Glass Bees
The Glass Bees Ernst Jünger, translated by Louise Bogan and Elizabeth Mayer March 1, 2011 West Hollywood, really good
Jejuri Arun Kolatkar March 22, 2011 between Providence and LA
Fair Play Tove Jansson March 26, 2011 West Hollywood, for the second time, in love
Songs of Kabir
Songs of Kabir translated by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra April 8, 2011 West Hollywood, one sitting
Victorine Maude Hutchins April 9, 2011 West Hollywood, eyes wide, delicious and queer
The Mountain Lion
The Mountain Lion Jean Stafford April 15, 2011 1am, West Hollywood, couldn’t put it down, though it’s cruel—and unfair
Fatale J. P. Manchette May 1, 2011 early morning in Holliston, grinning, unbelievable and ridiculous, fabulous last line!!
The Pumpkin Eater
The Pumpkin Eater Penelope Mortimer May 14, 2011 West Hollywood, meh
Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age
Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age Bohumil Hrabal May 15, 2011 West Hollywood, !!!!!!!!!!
Seduction and Betrayal
Seduction and Betrayal Elizabeth Hardwick June 18, 2011 Portland → West Hollywood, a page-turner, I love this woman
Love’s Work
Love’s Work Gillian Rose June 18, 2011 West Hollywood
Seven Men
Seven Men Max Beerbohm July 4, 2011 Santa Rosa (Chella)
The Enchanted April
The Enchanted April Elizabeth von Arnim July 16, 2011 Berkeley; sweet!!, beautiful, silly, truthful
The Journal: 1837–1861
The Journal: 1837–1861 Henry David Thoreau September 12, 2011 on a train in Philadelphia; !!!
Hav Jan Morris September 14, 2011 Cambridge
Red Shift
Red Shift Alan Garner October 17, 2011 Cambridge, spellbound; broke the code on index cards
The Rider on the White Horse
The Rider on the White Horse Theodor Storm October 25, 2011 Cascais, Portugal; last two stories an intense, old-modern genre of their own
Amsterdam Stories
Amsterdam Stories Nescio March 27, 2012 Cambridge; “There are only five things worth bothering about.”
The Go-Between
The Go-Between L. P. Hartley April 1, 2012 Cambridge—rarely has a book so annoying been so hard to abandon unfinished; a near anti-recommendation, though it will stick with me
Angel Elizabeth Taylor April 20, 2012 Cambridge; !!! so good
School for Love
School for Love Olivia Manning May 19, 2012 Cambridge, in one night
The Adventures of Sindbad
The Adventures of Sindbad Gyula Krúdy July 23, 2012 Cambridge—deliciously overripe
Indian Summer
Indian Summer William Dean Howells August 4, 2012 Cambridge; gentle, wise
Voltaire in Love
Voltaire in Love Nancy Mitford December 5, 2012 Cambridge
Speedboat Renata Adler June 8, 2013 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii; like spectacular miniature fireworks
Pitch Dark
Pitch Dark Renata Adler June 28, 2013 Cambridge; not Speedboat
Frederick the Great
Frederick the Great Nancy Mitford July 27, 2013 Cambridge
The Unrest-Cure
The Unrest-Cure Saki August 10, 2013 Light as you’d like; Lenox, MA
In Love
In Love Alfred Hayes August 19, 2013 Cambridge; insightful, but finally curdled and gross
My Face for the World to See
My Face for the World to See Alfred Hayes August 25, 2013 Cambridge; electrifying, a thriller, like it’s by a different, deeper person than In Love
Masscult and Midcult
Masscult and Midcult: Essays Against the American Grain Dwight Macdonald August, 2013 Cambridge; some of these polemics—“The Triumph of the Fact”—are required reading, some are dead on the page
We Think the World of You
We Think the World of You J. R. Ackerley August 31, 2013 Cambridge; the narrator (and the book!) gripping but almost monstrous, the book redeemed by the last section
The Black Spider
The Black Spider Jeremias Gotthelf October 4, 2013 Cambridge, one sitting
The Hall of Uselessness
The Hall of Uselessness: Collected Essays Simon Leys October, 2013 Cambridge
On Being Blue
On Being Blue William H. Gass May 12, 2014 Cambridge; some great sentences
The Mad and the Bad
The Mad and the Bad Jean-Patrick Manchette July 31, 2014 Cambridge, electric
Turtle Diary
Turtle Diary Russell Hoban November, 2014 Cambridge, devoured
Conversation with Beethoven
Conversations with Beethoven Sanford Friedman December 9, 2014 Cambridge
The Captain’s Daughter
The Captain’s Daughter Alexander Pushkin January 14, 2015 Holliston
Talk Linda Rosenkrantz July 12, 2015 Cambridge
The Woman Who Borrowed Memories
The Woman Who Borrowed Memories: Selected Stories Tove Jansson July 13, 2015 Cambridge
The Prank
The Prank: The Best of Young Chekhov Anton Chekhov August 10, 2015 Cambridge
The Rim Of Morning
The Rim of Morning: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror William Sloane October 26, 2015 Cambridge
Our Spoons Came from Woolworths
Our Spoons Came from Woolworths Barbara Comyns December 17, 2015 Cambridge
The Human Comedy: Selected Stories
The Human Comedy: Selected Stories Honoré de Balzac January 11, 2016 Cambridge
A View of the Harbour
A View of the Harbour Elizabeth Taylor February 13, 2016 Cambridge, laughing out loud at the last paragraph
A Fairly Good Time
A Fairly Good Time Mavis Gallant June 1, 2016 Tel Aviv, fantastic
The Door
The Door Magda Szabó June 5, 2016 Ein Gedi; a book about foreshadowing
Hill Jean Giono July 24, 2016 Lee, Massachusetts, in a campground in nature, my tent having been skunked the night before
Samskara: A Rite for a Dead Man U.R. Ananthamurthy March 20, 2017 Cambridge
Iza’s Ballad
Iza’s Ballad Magda Szabó May 13, 2017 Cambridge—not a book to give to your mother
The Farm in the Green Mountains
The Farm in the Green Mountains Alice Herdan-Zuckmayer June 11, 2017 Cambridge; the penultimate chapter so beautiful. An ideal: to be part of the human fabric Alice loved
Tyrant Banderas
Tyrant Banderas Ramón del Valle-Inclán June 20, 2017 Truro, Mass., at a barn on Depot Rd. my mother first stayed in seventy years ago
Bright Magic
Bright Magic Alfred Döblin July 9, 2017 Cambridge
Ernesto Umberto Saba July 16, 2017 Walden Pond—Cambridge
History Is Our Mother
History Is Our Mother: Three Libretti Alice Goodman October 7, 2017 over New Jersey
Melville: A Novel Jean Giono October 9, 2017 over Connecticut
Difficult Women
Difficult Women: A Memoir of Three David Plante October 14, 2017 Cambridge; !!
Season of Migration to the North
Season of Migration to the North Tayeb Salih January 4, 2018 Cambridge, wonderstruck
Tun-huang Yasushi Inoue January 5, 2018 Cambridge, again great
The Return of Munchausen
The Return of Munchausen Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky January 7, 2018 Cambridge, tiresome
The Wedding of Zein
The Wedding of Zein Tayeb Salih January 10, 2018 Cambridge, what a wonderful and strange gathering force
Late Fame
Late Fame Arthur Schnitzler March 8, 2018 Cambridge
Ivory Pearl
Ivory Pearl Jean-Patrick Manchette May 14, 2018 Cambridge, electric
Totempole Sanford Friedman May 21, 2018 Cambridge, bless its gay heart
Young Once
Young Once Patrick Modiano June 29, 2018 Cambridge
Little Reunions
Little Reunions Eileen Chang July 16, 2018 Cambridge; one of the greats
The Invisibility Cloak
The Invisibility Cloak Ge Fei January 1, 2019 over Utah
Naked Earth
Naked Earth Eileen Chang March 19, 2019 Cambridge; twistedly terrifying
Once and Forever: The Tales of Kenji Miyazawa
Once and Forever: The Tales of Kenji Miyazawa Kenji Miyazawa May 25, 2019 Boston Public Garden ❤️
Diary of a Man in Despair
Diary of a Man in Despair Friedrich Reck August 6, 2019 Cambridge
Katalin Street
Katalin Street Magda Szabó August 24, 2019 Holliston, struck
Nada Jean-Patrick Manchette October 28, 2019 Cambridge at speed
Family Lexicon
Family Lexicon Natalia Ginzburg November 8, 2019 over America
The Corner That Held Them
The Corner That Held Them Sylvia Townsend Warner December 30, 2019 Culver City
A King Alone
A King Alone Jean Giono December 30, 2019 over New York
Margery Kempe
Margery Kempe Robert Glück May 2, 2020 empty Cambridge
Charisma and Disenchantment
Charisma and Disenchantment: The Vocation Lectures Max Weber, translated by Damion Searls May 2, 2020 one sitting, on Bussey Hill in Boston
Malicroix Henri Bosco May 5, 2020 almost one sitting, Cambridge
No Room at the Morgue
No Room at the Morgue Jean-Patrick Manchette late 2020 Cambridge
The Hearing Trumpet
The Hearing Trumpet Leonora Carrington February 13, 2021 Cambridge
Marshlands André Gide, translated by Damion Searls February 20, 2021 Cambridge
Family and Borghesia
Family and Borghesia Natalia Ginzburg May 22, 2021, in two sittings Cambridge
Basic Black with Pearls
Basic Black with Pearls Helen Weinzweig May 28, 2021 Alpenhof, Upper Providence Township, Media, PA, the day before Anne Dudfield’s memorial
Good Behaviour
Good Behaviour Molly Keane June 23, 2021 Cambridge
The Stalin Front
The Stalin Front Gert Ledig July 27, 2021 Cambridge, in one sitting
Zama Antonio Di Benedetto August 21, 2021 Cambridge — M Street Beach — Castle Island, struck
Storm George R. Stewart September 27, 2021 Allston: he did like the working man
Party Going
Party Going Henry Green October 11, 2021 Cambridge—Milford, Conn.—Reinholds, Pa.—Cambridge; accelerating toward the end
When We Cease to Understand the World
When We Cease to Understand the World Benjamín Labatut October 21, 2021 Cambridge
Ghosts Edith Wharton November 27, 2021 Chilmark
Down Below
Down Below Leonora Carrington January 23, 2022 Concord, at a restaurant, rapt
Abigail Magda Szabó April 2, 2022 Cambridge in two days
The Right to Be Lazy
The Right to Be Lazy, and other writings Paul Lafargue December 2022 I got too lazy to write down when and where I finished it
The N’Gustro Affair
The N’Gustro Affair Jean-Patrick Manchette February 5, 2023 Cambridge
The Silentiary
The Silentiary Antonio Di Benedetto February 9, 2023 Cambridge; Janet imperiously wrong about it
Gold Rumi, translated by Haleh Liza Gafori February 20, 2023 Cleveland
Valentino and Sagittarius
Valentino and Sagittarius Natalia Ginzburg February 23, 2023 Cambridge
In a Lonely Place
In a Lonely Place Dorothy B. Hughes April 11, 2023 Cambridge, iron-gripped
São Bernardo
São Bernardo Graciliano Ramos June 22, 2023 Coming into Providence on Amtrak
The Child and the River
The Child and the River Henri Bosco July 23, 2023 Cambridge, all at once
Journey By Moonlight
Journey By Moonlight Antal Szerb July 23, 2023 Cambridge, again all at once
The Open Road
The Open Road Jean Giono July 28, 2023 Lenox, Massachusetts, Ore Bed Park; stop-and-start, then all at once
On the Marble Cliffs
On the Marble Cliffs Ernst Jünger July 29, 2023 Lee, Massachusetts, October Mountain State Forest
Notes of a Crocodile
Notes of a Crocodile Qiu Miaojin August 6, 2023 Cambridge
Lament for Julia
Lament for Julia Susan Taubes August 28, 2023 Early in the morning in White River Junction, Vermont
Afloat Guy de Maupassant September 1, 2023 Peddocks Island—Cambridge; Maupassant arrogant and syphilitic
Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont
Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont Elizabeth Taylor September 17, 2023 Cambridge, after Angels in America Part 2
My Death
My Death Lisa Tuttle October 18, 2023 Cambridge
Skeletons in the Closet
Skeletons in the Closet Jean-Patrick Manchette November 26, 2023 Somerville–Cambridge, all at once

Eddie Kohler