Song Written by Helen Cargill and I About a Liquor Store That Opened at the Corner of Mass Ave and Comm Ave in Boston in 1995 Or So, Sung to the Tune of the March from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker

(The Store Had an Italian Name, But I Can't Remember What It Was. Baci's?)

(There Was a Massive Fake Bottle of ‘Verve Clikwat’ Champagne In The Window)

(It Closed After Like Two Years)

(You Can Listen To the Tune Here)

We are a pretentious liquor store
Where you can buy beer and wine and more
You can sit in our café
Drink lots of pricey Chardonnay
But don't get loud
We are so proud
We'll throw you out the door

You can come in only if you're white
No, we don't have any Miller Lite
The homeless they are so passé
And we don't serve them anyway
But if you're healthy
And you're wealthy
Come on in and stay!

Eddie Kohler