How Your People Have Been Dying And Are About To Die Over Drug Money Owed To Me.

June 11, 2004  by · Jennifer ‘Jenna’ Pincetl

Most of the drugs (all kinds) for the whole Western U.S. are run through the Bay Area, especially Cocaine through the Oakland Port, then moved by people in Berkeley, and Speed made in the N. Cal. woods, in meth labs, then moved by the people in Berkeley.

Because I am the owner of Berkeley Cannabis Buyers Club since 1996 and Trance And Jungle Factory and Skills officially since 1999, I do not sell or be part of moving any drugs. I only want my money owed to me for my Record Label, Party & Rave Productions, and Medicinal Marijuana Distribution and it would shut my Club down to sell any or go after any money owed to me for connecting drugs.

Being me and being the person who knows U.C Students, Frats, gang members, intellectuals, street people, punks, etc. better than anybody in Berkeley and my knowledge, toughness, being used to death, and good reputation in the Drug Dealing World has caused almost all drugs to be networked through who knows me.

The set rules on this for anybody else is that if you connect something by who somebody else knows you must give that person 30% of what you've made and there are no excuses of that you will get in trouble or that it will connect you to organized crime or murder or you are killed.

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Each person that has networked drugs through me, can, very legally, just kick down (give me) cash for knowing them with nobody getting in trouble. Instead nobody gives me anything, have also defaulted by not paying the Rave/Party money owed to me that gives the excuse to not pay me 30%, are cheap about giving me spare change, my only way to eat or get coffee now, and fell back on ‘can't be connected’ excuses, causing them all to now deserve to die.

Even Worse, instead of just facing the truth, almost all have instead made up stories that it's me who has done something wrong, that could have caused me to go away or be killed, causing them each to need to die twice over.

Even Worse, each drug dealer and especially their girlfriends not only go around trying to dress, act, & be like me on the money owed to me, then trying to use that to pretend to be ‘better than me’ at my art, business, and intellectual pursuits, while I sit around broke, being forced to hold down their drug fort; they also
Tell themselves if they get to have drug money & I don't, then they must be smarter than me, then go and mess real things up all over the country, with this now being their only excuse.
For this, it is very easy to find people that want them dead and remind them of these other reasons to kill them. I have been very successful at this & I never kill them, just give them my opinion on it and it gets done & I can't get in trouble for it. I think each guilty really deserve to be chopped up alive or worse for how evil they've been to me, so when that or them dying happens I am very happy & satisfied about it.

Taped to an East Bay Express box at the corner of Parker and Telegraph, Berkeley, June 11, 2004.

Eddie Kohler