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Lecture 7

Buddy allocator testing

Swap your buddy allocator test_kalloc function with another group.

  1. Group up with another group of students. (2 minutes)
  2. Using a whiteboard, describe your testing strategy (whether implemented or not). (10 minutes)
  3. Swap test implementations and run them. Do you find any bugs? If there aren’t implementations to swap, then come up with an improvement to one or the other testing strategy. (15–20 minutes)
  4. Present your findings to the class. (10 minutes)

Using list

Change the kernel’s per-CPU run queue to use list and list_links rather than the current hand-built doubly-linked list. (10 minutes)

Sleep debugging

Implement Part C of the problem set. Your work should go quickly, and then you might get stuck at the warning. Try to debug this problem; write down your debugging process. (20 minutes)