CS 260r: Topics and Close Readings in Software Systems (2022)

CS 260r is a readings and discussion course about research into software systems. Our primary work will involve reading and discussing recent, and less-recent, systems papers, and, at the end of the semester, a project. The topic changes every time; past offerings include:

This year’s topic is large-scale distributed and parallel computations. We will consider some data-centric systems (large-scale databases), but I intend us to cover many computation-centric systems. Topics will include:

The purpose of this class is for us all to learn. I know systems research, but large-scale distributed and parallel computations are not my area of expertise. So I hope we’ll all better understand the landscape of the literature in this area, including what questions are open, what questions are settled, how deployed systems relate, and what remains to be done.

In our first unit, I’d like to discuss some of the most important systems and frameworks in this area.